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Spanish Software Company Analyzes the Needs of Cuban Auditors

Mr. Thoralf Schmidt, CEO of DATEV SINFOPAC Spain talked with the Cuban radio station Radio Ciudad de la Habana. Here is a report of that interview.

The Spanish company DATEV SINFOPAC, which provides auditing products, services, and software, has shown interest in exploring this sector in Cuba. Here, development is seen as having extremely high strategic importance for the future growth and development of the national economy.

Company executive Thoralf Schmidt commented that DATEV has come to the Caribbean island in order to sound out the market and demonstrate its latest technological advances. In this way, Cuban auditors can become familiar with the many benefits of the company's products.

He explained that his company decided to participate in the 7th International Accounting, Auditing, and Finances Symposium in order to study and evaluate the software and service needs of auditors on the largest Caribbean island and to present their new system, DATEV SINFOPAC Audit.

Visiting Havana for the first time, the Spanish cooperative - with over 40,000 members - focuses on offering services "by professionals, for professionals" and providing auditing and related products to international clients and organizations.

Schmidt went on to explain how DATEV has sought to satisfy the real needs of auditors and accountants all over the world since its foundation in 1966 by offering customized solutions and developing a wide range of products and services capable of gaining companies' confidence.

He added that the "by professionals, for professionals" philosophy is reflected in the values of the brand and is expressed in a commitment to completing management projects with viable, innovative solutions; to high-quality services; and to cooperation with professional associations, institutions, and other organizations.

According to Schmidt, who is on hand together with other representatives of the company at a stand during the event, the advantages of their software products include their compatibility with different languages and with different national auditing systems, allowing auditors to exchange data all over the world.

The company's goal is not profit, but to offer professional assistance, said the executive. He added that they currently have clients - including auditors and financial consultants - in over 20 countries; within Latin America they operate offices in Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, Peru, and Uruguay, among other locations.

DATEV SINFOPAC Audit, the program presented at the Convention Hall in Havana, is an auditing application developed by professionals from various European countries. Their objective was to guarantee uniformity and standards of quality in auditing work in different EU countries, and to accommodate local languages and cultures.

Schmidt emphasized that the software offers support throughout the auditing process, with outstanding documentation, state-of-the-art structures, and innovative solutions, as well as a reference system and flexible archive that make it possible to complete projects with the highest levels of quality, consistency, and profitability.

The event, which brings together over 630 representatives and scholars from around 20 countries, as well as delegates from four international and regional organizations, is being held in conjunction with the First International Conference of Public Administration for Development.

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Director: Milagros Cherta Fernández
Address: Calle N # 266 5to Piso. Vedado, Municipio Plaza, Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba
Telephone: +53-7-838-4645

Important information:
The original Spanish text states "The German company DATEV SINFOPAC". Please note: the correct term is "The Spanish company DATEV SINFOPAC".

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